A Letter from Our President/CEO


June 13, 2013


Dear Community Partner:


Today marks a significant time for the agencies and programs in the Wilshire Health and Community Services Family.  Beginning July 1, 2013, all Best Care Home Health and Hospice Partners agencies will be rebranded as Wilshire Home Health and Wilshire Hospice. In addition to the name change and an updated logo, Wilshire also has developed a new tag line, “Better Health, Better Life, Better Community.”  This step is part of our strategic plan and a natural evolution to clarify who we are, what we believe, and to provide our patients and community partners easier access to the depth of services across our entire organization. It is also an acknowledgement of our history and a sign of the firm commitment we have to our future.


From our modest beginnings in 1947, Wilshire has been defined by passion - passion for our work and our mission in each of the communities that we serve. Providing compassionate care will remain the hallmark of Wilshire Home Health, Wilshire Hospice,Wilshire Community Services and for every team member in our organization.   We’re committed to growing our healthcare and associated services in a way that will benefit the people, health and wellbeing of the communities we currently serve and beyond.


Finally, Wilshire has been blessed with the ongoing and generous support of all our trusted community friends and partners for many years.  All of it has made a tremendous difference, not just for our organization, but for the thousands of people we serve based on their individual need rather than their ability to pay.  On behalf of them and of Wilshire, I’d like to offer my thanks.


As the needs of the community evolve, Wilshire will continue to innovate and look for opportunities to expand and improve our services in order to best serve those who are most in need. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or suggestions and thank you again for your valued partnership with our agencies and your continued commitment to the health of our community.



Tricia Ritchie, ACHCE



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