Our Long History of Making a Difference

In 1947 a gallon of gas cost 23 cents, the average price of a new home was $13,000, a postage stamp was 3 cents, and two young physicians opened a small 28 bed hospital in West Los Angeles that would end up being the beginning of what we know today as Wilshire Health and Community Services.  Drs. David Alpert and Leon Tiber were young doctors who wanted to make a difference in their community by providing outstanding community health care as well as opportunities for other young physicians to develop their skills.    According to Dr. Alperts son, Ira Alpert, Wilshire’s current Chairman of the Board, “ After World War II, there was a substantial increase in the population of California and yet relatively few places where a young doctor could find work.  My father and Dr. Tiber provided a place where those newer doctors could work, build a practice and help support the community.”

Over the years Midway Hospital grew to be the largest privately owned hospital in Los Angeles and in 1968 was converted to a Not-for-Profit corporation. By the early 80’s the hospital was sold and the proceeds of the sale were used to form Wilshire Foundation.  In 1983 Wilshire acquired its first Residential Care Facility and over the next few years would continue to expand that business line by acquiring facilities in Camarillo, Hanford as well as several in and around the great Los Angeles area.

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