Wilshire is Celebrating Older Adult Month

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Celebrate Older Adult Month

Join Wilshire as we celebrate Older Adult Month in May. How can you join us? Support ways to help older adults life age in place on the Central Coast

1) Volunteer to become a friendly visitor with an older adult for an hour a week. Some older adults are homebound and isolated, and their only social engagement is our volunteer core.

2) Attend The Aging Project and learn more about issues facing older adults in our community. Keynote speaker is Dr. Patrick Arbore of The Aging Institute and Friendship Line in San Francisco.

3) Volunteer to drive an older adult to their doctors appointment or grocery store. Your support ensures our older adult community stays connected and safe.

4) Explore telehealth as an option for an older adult in your life who is recovering at home. Telehealth services provided through our home health services are above and beyond our clinical care, and help you keep your older adult safe and monitored in between visits.

5) Learn more about hospice, and get your loved ones on service early for a better, quality end of life. Hospice care is about making every day worth living, and can include services like therapeutic music, grief counseling, and spiritual counseling above and beyond the clinical support.