Wilshire Hospice Thrift Store Looks to the Future with Hope

Looking to the Future with Hope

A Testimony from our Wilshire Hope Chest Thrift Store Manager, Jenann McLennan

Through these ever-evolving times, we look to the small ways in our lives in which we can find hope. Through the sincerity and constant efforts, we see demonstrated through our Hope Chest community, we are inspired to keep on preserving and working towards creating a better future for ourselves.

Our very own Hope Chest Thrift Store Manager, Jenann McLennan, has provided us with her very own testimonial statement on how she finds her sense of hope through the Hope Chest.

In a few short months, every aspect of our lives has changed and the future has become uncertain. Globally, we face an invisible, silent, and deadly opponent and its collateral chaos threatens all of us.
To quote Desmond Tutu, “HOPE is being able to see that there is Light despite the darkness.” My career with the Hope Chest began in 2011 and on my first day and each day following, I was astonished by the volunteers, the staff, and the hope that inspired their work. No matter the circumstances, they held the conviction that together, they made a difference; no contribution was too small and no challenge too large. Hope continues to empower the volunteers and staff to do great things. They are an extraordinary group of individuals and together they are a positive force. They admire and respect each other and have developed meaningful relationships with one another and with the broader community.

The Hope Chest volunteers have sewn masks to protect the virus front liners and have provided them to many others as well. The volunteers regularly connect with each other, sharing hope by offering support and encouragement to one another and to donors and customers too. They are utilizing this time of sheltering in place to create handcrafted and re-purposed items to be sold at the Hope Chest when the doors re-open. Through their efforts, we are rewarded with hope and improved circumstance in our community.

The dictionary describes the word hope as grounds for believing something good may happen. Our Wilshire community is filled with hope. Our determined professionals, volunteers, and staff are exceptionally skilled and will adapt, navigate and find solutions. They are strong in the face of adversity because they have hope.

Since we started accepting donations again over this past month, I have realized that I have not over-estimated the sincerity and the hope that comes from our entire community. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these people and this community at this moment because the surrounding world feels so different. The intention from our staff and community is so heartfelt.

When I think of the Hope Chest, of Wilshire, and the San Luis Obispo community, my heart bursts with pride, and I look to the future with hope.

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