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Wilshire Health Education

As the Central Coast’s leading resource for those facing the challenges of aging, serious illness or end of life issues, Wilshire Health & Community Services offers education on a variety of topics presented by our experienced staff of professionals, clinicians, counselors and management staff. Whether you’re seeking education on a specific clinical topic for a Skilled Nursing Facility, Assisted Living, Physician office or a lunch and learn for a church group, senior center or other community organization, Wilshire is ready to share valuable information to assist your group with knowledge about helping people live a better life. Presentations are tailored to meet your time and interests.

Wilshire Health San Luis Obispo Education and Resources

Topics for

Care That Transitions With You

  • The breadth of services provided by Wilshire Health & Community Services
  • Signs you may benefit from Home Health or Hospice

Hospice Care

  • Facts and Myths
  • Hospice philosophy of care
  • What to expect
  • Starting an end-of-life conversation

Hospice care vs. Palliative care

Wilshire Health San Luis Obispo Education for Everyone

Home Health

  • Who’s eligible
  • What to expect

End of Life Education

  • A complete look at the dying process.

Grief and Loss

  • Understanding the grieving process
  • Growing through loss
  • Grief during the holidays