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Wilshire Home Health Services

Wilshire Home Health Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing

The team of highly skilled nurses at Wilshire Home Health work in collaboration with your physician and you. Our nurses help you manage your illness or injury in your own home, with services including:

  • Disease management: heart failure, COPD, diabetes
  • Skin and wound management
  • Medication management
  • Diabetic teaching
  • Pain management
  • Intravenous therapies
Wilshire Home Health Physical Therapy San Luis Obispo

Physical Therapy

Our team of physical therapists will help you improve mobility, regain strength and improve balance. Therapy services most often provided in the home are:

  • Care following total joint replacement (knees and hips)
  • Fall prevention and f
  • Mobility
  • Programs for gait training, energy conservation and strengthening for weakness due to heart failure, diabetes, pneumonia, COPD and other diagnosis
Wilshire Home Health Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy from Wilshire’s therapy team focuses on the restoration of the functional aspects of daily living. This includes training to increase independence in dressing, bathing, combing your hair and other general household activities.

Wilshire Home Health Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

The Wilshire Home Health team has dedicated Speech Therapists who provide rehabilitation in improving cognitive difficulties, communication skills, problem solving and swallowing disorders.

Wilshire Home Health Aides

Home Health Aids

Wilshire Home Health aids work with your nurse or therapist to provide personal care and assist with bathing and grooming, personal hygiene, activities of daily living and strengthening.

Wilshire Home Health Medication Management

Medication Management

Wilshire home health nurses educate patients and their families on medications being taken as part of the physician’s overall plan of care, including he purpose of each one and when and how to take it. Our team reconciles all your medications for every possible side effect and interaction to keep you safe and recovering.

Wilshire Home Health Medical Socail Work

Medical Social Workers

Medical social workers assist you and your family in resolving social and emotional obstacles, using the best available community resources to meet your specific needs.

Wilshire Home Health Registered Dietician

Registered Dietitians

Your nutritional health is key to your recovery process. Our dietitians can bring you the nourishment that best compliments your recovery process. Our team provides individual guidance to our patients, families and caregivers, adapting it to the individual’s illness.

Wilshire Home Health Wound Care

Wound Care

A wound is a disruption to the integrity of the skin that leaves the body vulnerable to pain, infection and, when poorly managed, is one of the leading causes of increased morbidity and extended hospital stays.

The best health care comes from a team of trained specialists working in collaboration.

Our Certified Wound Specialist who assesses the overall skin care needs of each patient and then focuses on therapeutic interventions, treatment and prevention.

Wilshire Home Health Palliative

Palliative Services

Serious illness often causes pain and other symptoms including nausea, shortness of breath and anxiety.

Wilshire provides palliative services for patients. “Palliate” means to relieve or lessen and Wilshire’s Palliative Services can be applied along with curative treatments and even clinical trials, to relieve side effects. 

Wilshire Home Health Telehealth San Luis Obispo


Telehealth is a monitoring system that your physician, nurse or therapist can bring to your home. If you qualify, it’s complimentary to existing services, and does not replace in-home visits.

Why use Telehealth? It communicates your health status and health care needs with your physicians and nurses, daily or as often as needed. The monitor updates your family and caretakers on your blood pressure, weight, diabetic monitoring, medication management and skin care issues. It’s easy to use and takes only minutes a day.

How Do You Get Started?

Your nurse or therapist will set up the monitoring system with you. A clear, friendly voice walks you through the daily health check.

Telehealth brings many benefits to patients:

  • Provides daily knowledge of patient’s health status and enhances the ability to identify trends.
  • Prevents unnecessary hospitalizations or emergency room visits.
  • Encourages adherence to the prescribed care plan.
  • Improves patients ability to stay independent and in the home.
  • Provides patients peace of mind that their health status is being monitored.