Wilshire Connected Care

Wilshire Connected Care

Healthcare Legacy

As a provider in the healthcare industry for over 70 years, we have worked across the acute and post-acute care spectrum, including skilled nursing, private duty, case management, home health and hospice. Our experience means we share your goal to provide patient-centered care, build trust with your patients, and achieve a 5-star quality rating.

Innovation for Today

While maintaining our healthcare legacy, we have been able to innovate and evolve with the changing face of healthcare. Wilshire Connected Care works with Connected Home Living to provide virtual care management. Using modern technology to keep your patient connected to a team of RN Case managers and Care Coordinators, we monitor and manage your patient’s health status from their home, enhancing the ability to identify trends for early intervention.

Success in the Numbers

Using telehealth technology, our RN Case Managers are responsive to changes in your patient’s condition. Providers who use Wilshire Connected Care can:

  • Reduce Readmission Rates
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Decrease Post-Hospitalization sepsis and mortality rates
  • Improve patient outcomes