Wisdom From the Porch

Wisdom from the Porch

A Podcast About Life and Aging

Wisdom from the Porch, is a podcast designed to provide an opportunity to explore healthy aging and lifestyle choices available to older adults and their families. Wisdom from the Porch is brought to you by Wilshire Health & Community Services in San Luis Obispo, California, where we help people live a better life through services like hospice, home health, conflict resolution & in-home social-emotional support.

Wisdom From the Porch is a whole family response intended to involve body, mind and spirit. As we age, choice is vital. Emotions and change can become overwhelming so begin looking and listening well before you are thrust into it and certainly before you lose your ability to make your own choices.
Our goal for our broadcast is for you to feel comfortable and safe in body, mind and spirit, stay involved in life and you, and only you, create your new reality.

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Additional Resources

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Episode 1: Seven Gifts for Living Poem
Episode 3: The Knots Prayer
Episode 5: Rumi Poem

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