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Revenue Cycle Management

We offer solutions to outsource all areas that impact the revenue cycle. You can choose only the services you need or go with the complete solution.

Customized Solutions

We solve revenue cycle management challenges by working collaboratively with your team and using your existing software and infrastructure. The result is a fully customized billing and AR solution that works. Period.


Choose additional services that focus on the most critical issues facing your agency. Wilshire’s health care innovation experts, strategists and thought leaders in sales/marketing, executive management, operations, and finance, will provide you with guidance that will help take your agency’s growth to the next level.

Our Story

We’re a bit unique in the world of revenue cycle management. We understand your challenges because we’ve more than likely experienced it ourselves as health care providers who’ve managed and grown our own agencies with multiple offices and markets. As our agencies grew, we made a choice to centralize our billing department which resulted in more efficiently managed revenue cycles, cost reductions, improved cash flow and key indicators that far exceeded industry benchmarks. Later, when some of our agencies were divested, many of the new buyers retained our billing services and even expanded them to other locations, while still others referred us to colleagues. We had no formal business. Just a great team of experienced professionals, a stellar reputation and lots of word-of-mouth referrals. Today, with offices in California and Texas, we operate a full-service revenue cycle management company that designs custom workflow solutions that position your agency for growth and profitability.

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